Projected Annual Charges


Annual Charge

The Annual Charge for each participating municipality is made up of two components: (1) Base Charge, and (2) Project Debt Service Adjustment.

The Base Charge includes the annual costs required for the proper operation and maintenance of all of SBRSA’s facilities plus the current years debt service (repayment of interest and principal). The Base Charge is the only portion of the bill that is used by SBRSA. Each participant pays their portion based on their percent of the total flow. The charge is estimated at the beginning of each fiscal year using the previous five (5) year average flows. At the end of the year the Base Charge is re-calculated based on the actual flow from each participant for that year. Any changes from the estimated charge are either refunded or billed to each participant. Click the links below to see 2011 through 2017 Base Charges.

2011 Base Charge

2012 Base Charge

2013 Base Charge

2014 Base Charge

2015 Base Charge

2016 Base Charge

2017 Base Charge


The Project Debt Service Adjustment (PDSA) calculation annually reapportions all of the previously paid debt service amongst the participants. SBRSA administers this calculation in accordance with the service contract and amendments. It is important to note that SBRSA does not receive any revenue from this calculation. The total of these adjustments add up to zero.

The cumulative debt service paid from 1979-2015 is $99,568,334. The cumulative debt service is recalculated at the beginning of each fiscal year and is apportioned according to each Participant’s percent of the total flow, using a 7-year average. The amount is either added or subtracted from the base charge to arrive at a total estimated charge for each Participant for the ensuing year. Click the links below to see 2011 through 2017 PDSA charges and Total Charges for 2011 through 2017.

2011 PDSA

2011 Total Charge

2012 PDSA

2012 Total Charge

2013 PDSA

2013 Total Charge

2014 PDSA

2014 Total Charge

2015 PDSA

2015 Total Charge

2016 PDSA

2016 Total Charge

2017 PDSA

2017 Total Charge