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The Auction shall be for a total of ten (10) days starting Monday, August 5, 2019 at 9:00 AM. Notice to Bidders


Recent Construction Projects & Bids

Millstone and Stony Brook Interceptor Inspection and Cleaning, Contract 20-1

Contrator: National Water Main Cleaning Co.   Contract Amount: $60,120 Status: Awarded

Nitrification Clarifier No. 2 Improvements, Contract 19-1

Contrator:Iron Hills Construction, Inc. Contract Amount:$228,000.00 Status:Completed

Millstone Pump Station Odor Control Improvements, Contract 18-3

Contrator:BR Welding, Inc. Contract Amount:$524,000.00 Status:Under Construction

Pennington WWTP Upgrade and Expansion, Contract 17-1

Contrator:CMS Construction, Inc. Contract Amount:$9,669,500.00 Status:Under Construction

Supply of Firm Non-Recallable Commodity Natural Gas

Supplier:Direct Energy(up charge) Contract Amount: $1,260,552

Hauling of Liquid Sludge, Contract 2020-041

Contractor:Russel Reid Contract Amount: $175,000.00(2-yr contract)Status: Awarded 5/18/20

River Road STP Incinerator De-Slagging And Cleanout

Contractor:Albertus Energy Inc. Contract Amount: $56,800.00(2-yr contract)Status: Awarded 4/23/18

Supply of Magnesium Hydroxide

Contractor:Martin Maretta Magnesia Specialties, LLC Contract Amount: $625,000.00(2-yr contract)Status: Awarded 7/23/18

Delivery and Supply of Organic Polyelectrolyte(Polymer)

Supplier:SNF Polydyne Inc. Contract Amount: $267.609.60(2-yr contract)Status: Awarded 11/12/18

Hauling and Disposal of Grit and Screenings

Supplier:Champion Disposal Service Contract Amount: $69,725.00(2-yr contract)Status: Awarded 7/18/19

Schwing Pump Replacement Parts

Supplier:Schwing Bioset Contract Amount: $401,299.02(1-yr contract)Status: Awarded 7/18/19


Proposals Awarded